Beyond Star Trek and Timelords

As a consequence of understanding the origins of superconducting it becomes obvious that the application of the methods lead to some new technology. It would seem that the Star Trek replicator is also a done deal now. In addition, a power source that is beyond Mr Fusion. It is only obvious that this comes with complete knowledge of the foundations of the universe. It is the detail that is the question and how it plays out. I am certain that when a replicator is created, every imaginable strange thing will come of it, including duplicating people for tasks that are fitting to them. There seems to be no reason to avoid space after this is implemented, as it solves the problems of radiation, power, assembly and differential energies. It is simply the human psychological issues that remain. It is very obvious that people could encounter agents of other societies in the stars and I am sure that they would not be willing to accept that biological compilations are some kind of god in their own minds.

This can definitely be done and it is only the detail issues that remain. As odd as it seems, just doing things like studying MIT courses, fixing debian packages, and solving puzzles helps me to find the things that connect to this so they can be applied. It has something to do with how the mind works, ( or at least how mine works ) and how it needs to be pushed away from a specific path so that those outlying associations can be made.

In terms of the psychology of being able to duplicate ones self perfectly, or someone else , it seems a real mind f4r. It seems to be a scientific method that should be created however. I guess it is damn the torpedoes in Mobile Bay, full speed ahead, let the the chips fall as they may.

I don't yet have a good idea of how to make something like "scrith","shadow-wire" or "General Products Hull" from the Ringworld novels, it does seem that there is a path to do so, however is is actually quite a bit more dangerous than replicators, or cold fission, or even anti-matter or anti-time. It would seem reasonable that it only be tested somewhere that it could be moved away or isolated , if it failed to function as I suspect it might. It could be one of those things that goes wonky in a very very bad way.

All of it is very complicated in implementation, but not greatly more than something like crystal growing, wafer fabrication, pick and place robots, multi-core cpus, wave soldering, ATE, ICE, TCP/IP, routers, cell phones, bluetooth, VR, GPS, AI, and all the other complicated technologies that exist today, that would have surely been considered Witchcraft in the 1500's.

No other technology has any lure for me personally. I am sure wireless 4G is cool, but really it is just another distraction by people who still think this game is going to play out in favor of their dog head.

I don't know why this occurred to me now, but it does seem that if an animal were cloned two ways with XX chromosomes and XY and all the others the same, it would breed true to a clone? I will have to think about that a bit.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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