A new invention

Now I am sure. I can make a neutrino detector that communicates over vast distances in direct line of sight through matter. It makes it possible to connect networks without intervening fiber optics or wire or radio waves ( which are wasteful). It sidesteps the Internet and allows secure communication to "devices" outside the Earth except in the case of MiM, but that would be a TSP problem to be effective and would be so expensive as to consume millions to monitor even a few.

Now I wait to see how long before a duplicate invention becomes known. I would say it is a major game changer. If I can direct stream to as many points on the Earth or elsewhere without interference, it solves a large connectivity issue with router based connections. I say that this marks the boundary point where radio and wireless become obsolete eventually and regulatory authority is impossible.

I had devised a technique before, but it was more trouble than it was worth. This is perhaps a bit more messy in design, but it does make it possible to get new signals from the stars that may contain information if it is intended to be received. It makes much more sense than scanning for waves that decay by inverse square with distance and can you imagine the broadcast power that would be required to send a TV signal to even Alpha Centauri. It seems reasonable that some common electronics could be modified for a transceiver. I can't say that this is the perfect interstellar communication, but I have seen no other method that would operate at a reasonable speed and have the power per distance that would be useful between star systems.

I am sure that companies that depend on an older technology framework and have invested in the technology with dreams of permanent revenue stream would love to bury this idea for their own selfish interests, but I am sure now that somebody will duplicate invent this one. I would guess that a creative person could come up with this one in short order. Once things are known to be possible, it removes the "it can't be done" threshold to experimentation.

It is a wonderful time to live as the technology has made so many things possible. Every day is a new surprise, there is no more fun than this, for a technologist. Major changes are coming, whether we like it or not. I thought of something that might be semi-evil, I can use the information from KOI's ( Kepler Objects of Interest ) and then scan for neutrino communications. There have been some odd ones that I consider Gravity Guild technology level worlds. It seems to me that an interplanetary society must have gravity technology as well as neutrino communications as a minimum. Perhaps they have something far more advanced, but as a minimum to be effective those would be my starting guesses. Who knows, they could be showing reruns of Gilligan's Island on a neutrino broadcast and this would give the MPAA the authority to build interstellar craft to attack them for their blatant disregard for United State's lobbyist rulership of the universe. :) I personally would want to hear their side of the story, as they could have produced the Gilligan's Island episodes and the MPAA may have pirated them from the neutrino beam, and sold them to the Earth in violation of Alien copyright, which I have heard, has far worse than economic penalties.

Lots of new things are playing havoc with traditional views and it will probably get worse.

After some consideration, I have to wonder what will happen if I really find a signal that I can decode in the neutrino spectrum? It seems it would be one of those things like spilling milk, it rarely goes back in the glass of its own accord. It is difficult to even guess whether it would have positive or negative impact. I would think it would be better to have a heads up than live in the dark until something emerges. I am cognizant of this potential culture shock, but one cannot be prepared for the unknown.

As an aside: I have been testing HTML5 ( with Chrome ) and it seems to work. It does have some rough edges, but I will be glad to see the end of flash. I think I will wait for Firefox 4 and not test beta, as I have too many other things going on at the moment.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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