N-Dimensional harmonics

In the never ending battle against data overload, DuckDuckGo may help. Something odd I ran into is the "Hot Chocolate Effect" in wave mechanics and this could be an effective lab technique for identifying organic compounds in solution.

The physics of systems has some very strange relationships that only show themselves in a system as it evolves in time and space. Correlations in many different sciences seem to indicate that there is a single universal equation which is underneath the equations of physical state in the universe.

There is a relationship in star systems that exhibits itself in something like a vacuum tube. A hot cathode will emit an electron cloud and it is attracted to positive grids and repelled from negative. Vacuum tube design is a lot of fun and some very odd things can be done with the tubes. In a way, it could be said that each solar system acts as a 3 space vacuum tube which has its own operational specifications. It would seem reasonable that they would produce an oscillation that might be peculiar to specific planetary configurations. A concept like the music of the spheres in the electrical vibrations of the interaction of the sun and planets with electrical and magnetic properties.

One aspect that I hope to discover is the emission spectra of such a system and whether a specific measurable coherent and space localized wave could be observed. Something akin to a laser effect on the scale of a solar system, which would have an EM signature measurable from the surface of the Earth and perhaps already in the data available from radio telescopes.

First is a lot of math ( perhaps 3 or 4 days ) to create a generalized model in python and/or C.

The picture is wxMaxima, one of many useful open source tools.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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