If life weren't complicated enough, it seems that it can be even more problematic. A MiM is almost always successful, but a MoS ( Man on the Side ) can serve as well. It seems to me that as time goes by, the complexity of the human condition expands by factorials and the only reason that people don't grasp what is taking place is that same complexity. As long as a government pretends it is in control then the uninformed and confused people continue on their merry way servicing the little kings, even though they could not possibly be competent to understand the complexity that has emerged. I wonder how long it will be before there is a situation that can only be understood if people realize that those who pose as the great thinkers and most capable leaders are in fact just good at faking it.

Since I have such an odd mind, it occurs to me that this entire last paragraph could be misconstrued in so so many odd ways.

Just to clarify, I am speaking of Internet security as compared to its ease of use. It seems that in the process of making things easy they often end up being vulnerable and broken by design. Definition: ( User Friendly ) = Making it easier to fall into the snake pit.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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