Moties on the moon today

This is a snap shot of some research from NASA, many years ago. I think it was Asimov or Heinlein that came up with the idea of geosynchronous satellites. I am not so sure that I agree with the idea that discovering or expressing such things makes a person a celebrity. To me it follows from the math by combinatorial expansion. It is a given, once you put all of the equations together. I see many things ( connections between various equations, goals, methods, and properties. ) that can be done that have not been considered.

In the case of an L1 or L2 centered space elevator, that is a no brainer IMHO ( and some very simple magic at that ). There are thousands of points of advantage in all of this science and perhaps that is the issue, it can't be seen by everybody. They pop out at me like charging velociraptors. There are modes and methods that allow human expansion in space. I guess I never realized that others don't see the universe this way. I absorb a relationship or equation of electrostatic force and immediately it begins to combine with every other equation and method in my consciousness to produce new possible effects and utility.

I suppose it is a failure on my part to assume that most people can take an idea and produce the factorial with what they already know. The result is that there are methods to allow the population of the universe in simple and self supporting steps and if others don't see how that is possible, it seems that motie should just go to the moon. If you don't believe it, Boing Boing has pictures!

This is the problem with inventions and copyright, it follows by common reason and creativity that one person is just as likely as another to achieve a particular goal and so what does that mean? It again assigns entity, absolute uniqueness, singularity, godhood, and central "command and control" to objects and systems that are merely associated in some set by rules that are invalid. It follows. What is the real nature of life, being and everything, IDK and neither does anybody else. It is something which may be discovered, but it is just an unknown to me. I can't philosophize about something which cannot be characterized. Not all things are known and what is to be known is certainly going to tangle up anybody who thinks in present perfects and eternal absolutes.

Scenario. Somebody comes up with the obvious answer to a problem and patents that. A smarter person comes along and extends that to something with real value. Result? Idiot attempts to pwn genius by force, genius refuses to play and everybody pays to use the crap, idiocy flourishes, and ultimate failure ensues. In the 1700's when few people were educated and the cultural elite wanted to maintain their position while using others, it ( intellectual property ) made sense and was effective. Now it is an anachronism as bizarre as slavery. The world has changed and governments continue to play like the feudal slavery systems of the middle ages will come back like vaudeville.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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