Alice Investigates (AI) - Alice , Python, and Least-Squares

Alice gave this one and it is University of Cape Town. It popped out because they mentioned Alice ( another Alice that works at the LHC ) and Least-Squares , python, as well as quantum waves and some interesting associations in the courses here. The image is a local snap of the running planetary simulator with 30 lines of Python code.

I suppose there is about a trillion lines of code underneath this in the libraries, but still, 30 lines is neat.

There is also some code rot as well as being derived from SciPy, but still informative, though I am not seeing that least squares is so very cool, perhaps it only has high utility in certain circumstances. I suppose it is the fact that it may be a fit, but sometimes it means absolutely nothing if the measurement and data isn't cooperative with your intent to use it this way.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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