What is a meat bag?

I thought you said World War III and Toronto is the right answer for that.

It would seem that the final Jeopardy answer Toronto highlights something very critical to machine intelligence. Many would say that no person would have guessed that and this is the issue with advanced machine intelligence. If you make the assumption that it will act on some human foundation, you are wrong and the potential abnormalities will be a complete new abnormal psychology that is even more unpredictable than the strange aberrations of life. An AI can do something absolutely unexpected and the scenario of SkyNet is the popular answer, but when it comes, I am betting that everybody will say, "Oh shit, I never expected that to happen!", because there is no framework to model the psychology and its potential variance. As a programmer I often observe that even the best planned code will bite me with something that is very interesting in its origin, but completely impossible to predict. The interaction between libraries and interfaces and hardware becomes a moving target and the more it is "improved" the more likely it is to exhibit something unexpected.

I can see some warning signs in computer networks. The big problem is that all of this has become such an integral part of society, it just keeps getting more complex and it was completely out of hand long ago and now it is swirling about like the energy vortex around a black hole and nothing could predict when, how, where or if it will go kachunk. I don't even try to be reliable in my guesses of the future anymore. I can say that gravity technology will come and that energy will be a forgotten problem.

Out of the blue, a customer of mine asked if I thought that the situation that existed in Egypt would evolve here soon and to be honest it crossed my mind that when a branch is bent too far, it snaps and instead of springing back. Many governments have pushed their branches too far and sometimes when one breaks , it hit another and another like the rolling economic crisis. I suppose it is just another column in that complex linear equation that makes even more NULL space in the solution and so I couldn't guess either way.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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