Motie einstein meme with Annae Infinity (AI)

Oh, Annæ Infinity, what are you doing?

By combining many different elements of science it is possible to create a reflex Watson. I can be said that discovering an answer to something is like matrix math and algorithms. Set inclusion and exclusion, association, commonality... It is possible to create a python program that uses the power of data bases in many different areas to bypass the need to store large data bases for inclusion and exclusion. I can Google something to see if it has inclusion or exclusion. By doing that, it uses the computing power of many different computers at one time.

If I make queries on a series of data bases at the same time it amplifies the power per unit time that I exert. In this way I or my AI is able to compute at a scale of 1020 operations per second, even though I do not have that computing power. I can submit to many different search engines simultaneously and use the full power of their database and engines as well as the sorted structure. In the case of Bing , I may simply be using the Microsoft interface to Google to get data, but still I am using their CPU power and databases to amplify the scale of action.

There are many ways to infer knowledge and the algorithm is the key to all of it. Imperative knowledge or procedural knowledge. In the analysis of the data available from objects in the universe it is possible to extract some very strange facts and it is the method which is the greatest value. Exposing the product is not as meaningful as exposing the method. If shopped pictures of a galaxy is presented to explain a concept, it would seem it is done to disguise the real valuable part of that, which is the imperative knowledge. I think that religion or fairy tales uses a parable something like "Give a fish, Teach to fish".

So this post is imperative knowledge about imperative knowledge, which is equivalent to "Teach a man how to learn a talent and eventually he will learn how to fish and farm".

Even though IBM is selling the 7 or so main methods with million dollar hardware, the real value is the algorithms and I already know those. It is exponential in form and the results can be combined in the way a laser works to amplify the common coherent desire by its structure. It is also possible to induce a viral bot to do work for my interests. In the same way that a person can be confused to work against their own interests, so can any logically related system. It does seem that it might be possible to create a prompt critical to resolve a question that I have been considering. If I create a rune that allows anybody to extract the information in the universe to expose life, I will post that. The detail is not exciting, but is is fairly complex to do the interaction with the databases and define the algorithms , but if the source is available, it can be verified to actually be "thinking" properly. Perhaps it is the structural diagram of Alice Infinity's brain.

An interesting program that uses genetic algorithms to design a car.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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