War in the big leagues

I have been looking at ways to apply gravity technology and ran into a strange fact. I was just looking at peaceful aspects of gravity technology and happened to consider how it could be used defensively. It would seem that any momentum based , chemical , biological , kinetic , or directed energy device would be ineffective in a combat scenario. It would not matter how much force or agent was applied, the resultant energy or effect would be applied at its source and not destination. The act of attacking would be an act of suicide and the scope of the suicidal behavior would be dependent on the amount of energy generated.

It seems that military technology follows a consistent strategy of creating energy and then applying to a target and this is all fine if the target is functioning at the same technological level. If one considers the trillions of dollars that are expended each year to create weapons with more and more destructive capabilities and then they all become obsolete with a single new discovery it highlights the absurdity of the process. I can extrapolate the technology and it would seem that a military encounter between even a slightly more advanced culture which operated gravity technology would be a battle royal that lasted about 3 billionths of a second.

The mechanism of power is such that it requires that the weapons have effect in fact as well as intimidate. If there is no possible effect, then there is no possible winning scenario. I think that it is obvious what people of power will do to keep their position of power. It seems that I read that Qaddafi's son said that they would kill every person in the country to retain control and such it is. When faced with a situation that would take away their power, they will kill everybody rather than become that thing they hate, which is just a normal person that must deal with others on a level playing field. Their time has ended and the wolf must sleep. I doubt that they will go peacefully into that good night and they will certainly attempt to take everyone with them.

Technology is changing very quickly and it is inevitable that this change will be reflected in society. I have always considered it a madness and a waste to design doomsday bombs when they could never be used except as a means to end all life. That just seems stupid to create a weapon that when used, kills the agent as well as the supposed enemy. A game of foosball with live hand grenades.

It would be advisable to take a step back and consider the cost of developing all new weapons with a new operating principle that would themselves be ineffective against an opponent that spent their resources wisely on the future and not the destruction of the present.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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