They may know physics, but ...

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I have been collating various aspects of cosmology, which is very different than theoretical physics. There seems to be a disconnect somewhere. It would seem that it would be easy enough to take data and apply methods to become scenarios. Many of these things like comoving distance and subjective interpretation of GRB red shift is troubling. Not because the principles are unsound, but because they are not continuously coherent with all data and methods. Eventually I will have all the data sources and methods integrated in one system and then the inter correlation will give me some estimates of certainty in the extrapolations. I was wondering about how it would be possible to travel the universe if it expands as it is traveled. It would seem the horizon would move away as it was approached and this makes me suspect that some aspect of this is not properly considered. I wonder also what near term benefit is realized by discovering the nature of something 100 billion light years away. The process is very expensive and if a more rational gravitational based space program existed, the cost and delay of these types of investigations would be nominal. Cart and horse reversed.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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