The valley of the shadow of energy

As the analysis and correlation of various methods proceed , unique new paths become obvious in the data. There is only one way to be certain of the spatial framework and that is to go there and see. I remain more than little confused by assumptions about the Big Bang hypothesis. The area of a sphere is proportional to the cube of radius and the probability distribution favors the higher volume and thus outer surface. Assuming a continuously expanding sphere as the template, an object retains its relative position within that sphere independent of expansion. If I am to assume that the space is not convolved to 4 dimensions, and thus continuous and circular in that manner, then being the central element and having all objects an equal distance away seems to be the same type of bizarre geocentric crap that preceded the understanding of the solar system. I have not yet devised any scenario that is undetectable with the given data, that would correspond in such a way that fits any proposed theory. The data cannot match the hypothesis without presumption of superluminal velocities and convolutions which have no prior observational basis or founding science. Other aspects are equally as troubling. The assumption that the light cone distance extends to t=0 is almost comical in my estimation. I could make some graphics to enhance my point, but if you don't think about or study temporal relationships it would be of no help.

Distortions in time as well as space can be very confusing and just because most people don't understand it, is no reason to propose paradoxical theories for the sake of entertainment. Of course carnival shows are nothing new, and what motivates the experimenter is perhaps just the desire to get funding so they can further their work. I suppose if you are willing to pay extra to see the Egress then you probably don't understand the show anyway. The basis of BB has some very suspicious aspects, but perhaps it is just my Pyrrhonian perspective.

I suppose that some people have already purchased the one time only easy payment plan to purchase blender and Ubuntu with automatic update support.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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