Neither confirm or deny

I followed the further links to explanation of string theory and like quantum mechanics it is mathematical pattern matching. It has its use , but its downside is the fact that many different mathematical forms can match a pattern. They needn't be consistent or even provable. The proof is pudding. If a consistent model is extensible, I would say it is useful. The model of the periodic table does not stem from some underlying absolutes, it is just pattern matching and then making assumptions about the patterns. The Γ function is interesting. I will reserve my opinion on the matter until I complete my work with ChiantiPy and the spectra of the universe. The simple "layman's" explanations of these things gives me a headache. They are what they are, and no Γ or complex conjugate of car analogies will aid a person in their understanding or application, it is just theater.

I will make a car analogy now.


They come up with same result and the path to solution can be very convolved and even be the product of equations involving imaginary numbers so long as they conjugate to reals.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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