Rutheford and DaVinci

In lecture 3 of solid state chemistry Rutheford is attributed to have said:

"When an elephant has fleas, it is the fleas that do the jumping."

I would say that the energy in any system of differential masses has higher velocities associated with smaller mass. It is said that DaVinci fixated on whirls and I would say that it relates to the observation that relative motion of associated elements has a statistical incidence of greater angular momentum when compared to action along the center of mass. It is one of many relationships in matter that are not theories but represent relationships that naturally occur in spatial, mass and energy relationships.

An unrelated thing occurred to me while considering biological experimentation in the context of Internet evolution. It was BERN or

"Biological Emergence Response Network"

. and I wondered if a society that operated in a stellar civilization would consider the emergence of new societies capable of space travel to be emergent biological threats. It would seem reasonable from the perspective of a more advanced race, that it would look like devolution and that it would have characteristics which were observed in many previous encounters that made it possible to characterize the situation in ways that we could not, or would not do ourselves. If we consider something like wolf encroachment on suburbs, we would hardly be interested in training the wolves to be better citizens and would often treat them as pests and in some cases they would be exterminated when resources were scarce. It would seem that space encounter would not be inherently positive.

While retracing science it becomes more and more a system of thought similar to how I deal with the Rubik's cube and the "einstein" game. The action on sets of data and their physical relationship as well as inclusion in sets, exclusion, and combination results in certainty and coherence in the many dimensions. In the case of the game or actual physics and chemistry, the nomenclature and its association with properties and relationships is simply coincidental and as such corresponds to the "Vhints" relationship in the "einstein" game or the colors of the faces in Rubik. It is the least value information at all except that it be unique. The integration of matrix analysis as well as tries, networks and other types of analysis leads to a different view of the science, which is fluid and inter-related by rule sets, and determinant structures. Since the science is not a solved game, the relationships are in flux and the complete coherent solution is not determined. It does have a complete certain solution and I know that solution. How to relate one matrix transform to another is not a simple task in such a complex subject.

It yields many new methods which can be tested and applied.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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