Gravity force atomic microscope

It is said that the indifference in atomic position disallows measurement of materials below a certain scale and I would say that is true in some cases. As I have stated before in general:

The best way to know the future is to create it.

In the process of designing new molecular systems and their means of communicating, it is quite possible to use gravity as a tool as well as coherent radiation, electrostatics, momentum, and physical properties. It could be said that the moon is in constant communication with the Earth by way of the tides and though it is not a controlled effect, the position of the moon and its mass is a continuous measurable effect which imparts the position of the moon as it existed about a second in the past.

It is possible to construct situations in which the effects of differential gravity are harmonically additive. Again, the tides of the Earth can be coherent and as Tesla determined, the Earth has a resonant frequency in the electromagnetic as well. Since all matter in the universe affects all other matter in the universe , the gravitational effect of a single electron on a galaxy 14BLY away would be quite small. This effect is certainly below any lower limit of the perceived quantum measurement limit and yet it must be so. I have seen speculation that gravity may not act in an inverse square over distances beyond our measurement scope and IIRC , one is MOND.

Individual electrons are used to probe materials as well as the field deformity in the AFM. There is a device that I have considered testing for some time and the general consequence of its instantiation is what I would like to consider before its creation. It would seem that leakiness is the norm and isolation requires ever increasing levels of sophistication to the point where complexity becomes yet another leak.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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