Queen of the world

A tutorial on blender ant modeling is here. Here is a link to an article at Boing Boing on the "Crazy Ant" along with some new information on how it clones itself and the genetics behind the scene. Also Wikipedia has an article on the Argentine ant.

It seems like something out of science fiction, without all the screaming. A species that lived deep in the jungle gets transported around the world and eventually becomes a single clone organism the size of a continent. Someone stated on DiY bio the other day that fungal colonies could have a virtual mind that existed outside of the organism. Fungi are certainly odd in the fact that they can live as a blob and then form themselves into a mushroom on cue.

I had occasion to consider some DaVinci work recently and it isn't a certain link, but I have a suspicion that some of the designs for a flying wing may have come from some old Egyptian scrolls. The combination of wings and balloons could explain some cultural anomalies around the world. There would be no trace of the technology if it was fashioned from reeds and biological membranes. Someone has suggested that the pyramid chambers could be a chemical generator of sorts and it is possible to produce hydrogen by chemical process. I don't see why they wouldn't at least try to create a device to bring them closer to their sun god Ra


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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