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The National Science Digital Library is funded by NSF. There are some interesting things to be found there and it is odd that once I have grasped a concept that it leaps out of the pages and perhaps many things are ideas that I only think that I have created. Many things I read don't sink in right away and though I thought that the idea that e and Π and linear approximations as well as FPU and other elements result in an ever widening approximation problem, it could be that it was there all along and it just became obvious to me when all the other dependencies were satisfied.

It seems to me that China will easily win the technology race because they embrace a certain type of local open source philosophy. Some say that they are stealing ideas from the US and Europe, only to extend them and improve them for sale to the same market. It makes no difference why or how it is characterized for political reasons, the fact is that open use and expansion of technology is the clear winner and the more the EU and US strive to close the loopholes on copyright, patent and information, the more they drive themselves into obsolescence. The US wants to export capitalism to the world and that is like offering one's own terminal disease for sale. IMHO

Google needs to fix its page rank algorithm or suffer heat death.


crederae said...

I was surfing around a bit and I find your blog is absolutely magnifique!!!!! congratulations on this wonderful continuation.

I love to hear your personal reflections and humour this waters the data so to speak, haha.

It doesn't surprise me that you made discoveries that have already been made.We are probably rediscovering what even ancient civilizations have discovered.

I read somewhere at first in your blog but I can't find exactly the post that you said something to the effect that science could never discover all the universe -well something like that.

I have been toying with this philosophy in my mind.In a way it is very simplistic but we behave in ways that deny this-

I believe that the universe is too powerful and complex to be conquered by science so all we can do is love the universe.Science is a form of loving attention, of getting to know the universe.So it isn't bad but sometimes its solutions create bigger problems.

Well just a little bit of philosphy.

Have a beautiful magical day but then I guess it isn't about magic it is about physics.
love and light.
and I guess a love thought is just simply participating somewhere in 100 billion neurons and 100-500 trillion synapses-quite a complex process to send you love thoughts.haha

Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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