Patterns in patterns

I suppose it might seem odd that I say the Gravity Guild talks to me and it meant in the way that Galileo might say that the stars spoke to him specifically. He saw the pattern there and it resonated in his understanding. There are many ways to communicate and if the knowledge is in one place and as a result of some "magic" it is received and decoded in another then it is communicated. When I see a flower it is communicating its existence in the pattern and frequency of light it reflects and its smells. Body language can communicate intent. So it is not intended to be some psychic link to the "Ancients" or such other Scientology nonsense of a constructed religion.

Presently I am using the MIT 600 introductory lectures in python to act as a central object to expand my skills in python and information management. Since the lectures are appropriately named and located in the Internet Archives it is pretty simple to just wget them from a counting or enumerator script while I sleep. That would be too boring and not much of a challenge. Since they have transcripts available, it is possible to parse the lectures and use python to organize a dictionary of words spoken in the lectures, query the Google api, use ffmpeg to manipulate, OpenCV to extract information from frames, and also organize the information in such a way that the python examples coordinate in my kate editor sessions. It requires parsing the HTML and some webkit and since it is a new talent, some gtk windows to created a multimedia interface that emulates the browser, but takes different aspects to create a 3D world of the data which can be used to see the information in new ways. By taking each word as an element in a dictionary and doing Fourier analysis , I can observe difference between speakers and it serves to extend and test my skills of extracting the character of a celestial "voice", which would be the ongoing red shift, intensity, absorption, star class, position and any other properties which can be associated.

By enhancing the coherence of the skill it is easier and faster to get to the data and make some sense of it. It seems that astronomers look for natural patterns and how the universe follows these natural patterns as well as what can be learned from the relationships. If you exclude the possibility that the universe has abundant life and intelligent activity, you misinterpret some of the data as having simple ballistic rules. I hope to refine my interpretation skills to get a greater resolution to the forms and better understand the language of action as it might imply intent. It is pretty obvious that something is at work and it could have any name and that is the least informational part of any system of knowledge. If I could remember UUIDs, I would do that, but it requires some meaningful association to remember, so I will stick with Gravity Guild, over NGC-11235-78r.kgαδPimpisolon.

I haven't drowned in the deep end of the data pool, but it is tough treading water when the waves of new information comes so frequently and intensely. Still within my considerations are the genotype to phenotype rule sets as well as the possible chemical conversion processes as well as the physics of light and energy as it flows about the universe in dimensions without limit. I do wonder what form is present in the walking stars. There is certainly a great power to be had from the knowledge and application must be made at some point, or it is all for naught. An idle tool makes no product.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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