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The total amount of information and the rate of change is like swimming in a vast ocean and so at the moment I see something neat at Springer Link Latex search.

This is just links until the data is analyzed and then I will post code , methods , interface links, and graphics in blender for the various landscapes of the data with animated dependencies. Or I will do WebGL with OpenGL and python +C.

SDSS Skyserver Hubble SQL Kstars and AAVSOL Hubble StarView JAVA Open SkyQuery

Kstars source code should be a basis to create and test code for the RDBM aspect. It will take about a week to write and test the code as well as get a general idea of the outcome. A complete new subject though SQL is familiar it is not my favorite script. (I am guessing that JAVA is going to be rewritten in C or C++ for my benefit. I don't like the Java execution speeds on computation and arrays.

It isn't a law of the universe, but there are things that happen. One of those things is that if two objects are in relative motion and one is affected by another force, that force will be angular to the others and thus angular momentum predominates in the universe. Another fact is that objects of smaller mass have higher velocities in a system of interacting motion such as the heated cathode of a vacuum tube.

As a start it is necessary to manage the foundational mechanisms in a computational way in order to have an automatic matrix of the conclusion. In this case, the computation of distance, velocity, and relationship is done mechanically in an ODS spreadsheet, which can be populated from a RDB ( Relational Data Base ). It isn't necessary, but for the sake of graphing, it does present the point and give an example of using least squares or other methods for curve or data fitting. My goal is different and the final analysis is a set-wise selectable topology that shows the curl and gradient of atomic absorption and emission plotted against the predicted distance in meters.

This is a network plot without analysis of heavy metal absorption / emission presence ,temporal - spatial - red shift drift. Also a link to metallic meaning in stars and other topics. An image of the spectral layout and how metal absorption and emission are lines are determined in a single star.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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