The moon is a harsh pimp

While discussing production of energy on the moon it occurred to me that energy is easily attained there and that rail gun insertion to Earth orbit would be fairly uncomplicated from a mathematical perspective. It would seem that if energy were available at the surface of the moon that a flyby pickup could be negotiated from low Earth orbit to the moon. It is certainly possible to be done and actually if Google decided to fund an IPV6 router on the moon with connections to makerbots with their IPV6 addresses that could be sold as a VR game that was in fact a real system of manipulation on the moon to explore and discover, it would be a money maker that could net trillions of dollars a year, just because people would like to be in space as what they are and not be deselected because they don't have the "Right Stuff".

It would seem that many millions of people would pay for the enjoyment of exploring space, even if there were a 3 second delay between packets and a packet cost.

People pay for VR scripts that create virtual clothes and wouldn't it make more sense to sell a bot microcode to perform a specific task on the moon or even Mars for that matter. If energy is available at the moon then a rail gun insertion to Mars, Venus, Jupiter and beyond would seem a natural move. The multiplicity of millions of people exploring is going to net vast amounts of new and interesting data to be shared.

Will trade bot code for link time and moon bots. Just sayin'


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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