Don't do anything silly or dangerous

The ethics of space seems to be that nobody should disturb the pristine nature of the solar system by making bots that are rail gunned to Titan to mine the methane ice of Jupiter and be returned for biological amplification of organic bots for example. This ethic comes from the people who build doomsday bombs, have detonated nuclear weapons in the atmosphere, continue to accumulate hazardous chemicals, wage war on a global scale and have been party to almost every genocide that was ever conceived. I have my doubts that their prior restraint is guided by some moral imperative, but rather by the attempt to see how it can be controlled for their gain alone.

Technically, it is not different than any new environment that has opened in the relentless expansion of life. The spoils go to whosoever is willing to take the risk or initiative. In the time of exploration of the "New World" North American continent the area was first claimed by the Pope IIRC. It was later claimed by Spain, France, England, Russia, and finally by whoever was willing to fight to evict anybody else. The struggle of nations against each other over the spoils of a new land is pretty much the norm. I can hardly imagine that people who experimented in space could do worse than that.

If you wish to be a conquistador now is your chance. As Pope of the infinite universe I do hereby grant rights to spoils to all those willing to claim their moons and planets in the name of the first holy pope of the free universe. May dog speed your endeavors.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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