Politics of fear

I would guess that the North Korean situation is simply a ploy that is used in politics to establish control of others. The participants have no intention of taking the action as it would lead to their own death. In order to control their own people they need to make them fear death and it serves just as well for any other country. The methods are no deterrent or solution, it only requires that all subjects of countries become fearful of the outcome.

The more apparently irrational they become, the more fear is created. This serves every nation's interest. It binds each subject to the fear of oblivion, even though it will never be realized in fact. If they were truly irrational they would be attacked immediately. If the point is to establish their control over their subjects and thus allow the same posturing to be used against them, it serves all the parties in strengthening their fear based control and manipulation of population. It would be interesting to see what, if any, instinctual reaction the "Lady without fear" would have to such a situation. From anecdotal information she would likely ignore the situation and continue in whatever task she had decided upon.

It is a study like many other sciences and some of it depends on the fact that the players choose the same reference model. It has been my experience that many of the economic principles that are effective have no actual physical foundation, but that they operate because all involved use the same measure or model of competition. I have analyzed various processes and they become chaotic and non-determinant in practice unless the participants select from a shared set of responses. The lack of creativity and intellect in the participants is what gives it stability.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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