Atomos and one and kludges

It does seem that in the observation of the universe as whole, the premise of atom or one or individuality is derived recently in sociological time at about 2500 years ago. The eternal paradox of the circle. It has effects in all areas of science. Some computational concepts like journaling file systems, ACID, JDBM, and transaction analysis, demonstrate aspects of the underlying singularity. Perfection or reliability of the product by isolation. It seems that the choice of root principle is based more on the nature of the organism than a complete model of the process.

It reminds me of the process of design in a very complex software system. It often only becomes understood completely after it is constructed. It then is obvious that a less than optimal choice is made as the basis. The options are to rebuild at great cost in time or continue with corrections as each artifact of the misconception surfaces.

At some point it becomes too cumbersome to extend and improvement cost exceeds utility gain. This is a theme in nature also. In nature, the kludge has no means of being repaired by redesign. An interesting interview with Gary Marcus is at relates to this subject. He makes many interesting points.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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