The new nature of being

The pundits of singularity make their guesses about what technology will bring, but it is not until the battle is engaged and a person is face to face with the chaos that patterns emerge. It is obvious to me that people must adapt and quickly as the waves of chaos are pounding on the shore and with complexity comes vast new possibilities. A person or being that does not respond and adapt is crushed by the innovation. I see paths through the chaos and I think that I will adapt instead of submit. It is a war against something very primordial and it could be symbolized, but it is best named for its real nature. It is chaos itself and our origins are chaos as are all the stars and galaxies. I suppose it is that ability to see that which does not exist as yet and have a wanting for it. This is something that I do not understand as it is the desire to keep that which does not exist and has no substance. I suppose that the term dream is what it encompasses and yet even in that dream is the nightmare. Philosophically it would seem this is the crux of the matter of being.

It seems far more poetic than any Shakespearean play as it delves to the very core of the nature of what it means to exist. It is hardly the structure and function of the limbs or the ability to remember and act, it is the ability to see that which is not and make it so, creation itself.

I would guess that philosophically the idea that extension of thought in imagination and pulling them out to make them real is an act that engenders singularity as it is the boundary between nothingness and existence. It can be applied in any way and even to the destruction of being. So this is the technical definition of the devils and the gods. The real problem is that there is no framework that can define the better alternative or whether the play of chaos and destruction upon creation is itself inherently good or evil. The ruler that measures itself is hardly an objective system. It could be fun and it could be horrible, at least it isn't boring.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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