Biological bots

I would guess that the next plague that develops from the biological need for greed is the biological bot. It is irritating enough that spam bots infest the Internet and clog the arteries of discourse. Biological life or the extensions of it have some some of the same messy properties as the Internet. DNA can be replicated 2t times from the same pattern by PCR and if that is the template for a biobot then effective bio-spam is only a click away. Consider the fact that there are no existing effective bio filters anywhere.

Nature creates its own bio-spam in the form of viruses and bacteria constantly with random generation. If they had a computer to do some CAD work then they would be really effective. It isn't possible to keep up with the random nature biological spam and if human generated biological spam is added to the mix, it would seem that it isn't just your inbox that gets stuffed with spam, it will be your life and a DDoL or distributed denial of life could become a reality in no time at all.

It is already out of hand as it has always been. No nation or organization controls the biosphere and it continues to act out its odd intentions. It is not possible to identify or limit the movement of biological substrates through the world without killing every living thing.

Ultimately people must either stop trying to play out the biological paradigm or it will lead to another mass extinction and rebuild. The biological system has reached the edge of its ability to differentiate in any meaningful way. The time frames and random choices will not solve a subject as complex as inter-planetary intelligent life. The system is destined to reset on its own principles and start the climb up the ladder again with a new paradigm or perhaps the same one again and again.

Countries feel safe in their boundaries when they have massive forces and yet that is absurd as they are constantly subject to that which they do not control in the form of pollution, natural disease vectors, earthquakes, and weather. Information itself corrodes the control that is implemented by cradle to grave brain washing. The safety that people feel in keeping a standing army and horrific weapons is just a charade for the poor unfortunate souls that know nothing better.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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