Neural homeostasis

This article on homeostasis at Wikipedia is interesting in many ways. It came to mind when I was thinking about the possibility that nerves in the body serve as the homeostatic stabilizer of tissue differentiation. It seems plausible that when the tissue is innervated that it becomes partially frozen in its cell differentiation type. I will have to model C. elegans and see if there is a lack of a certain protein or siRNA that would clamp the process to a semi-permanent state. It is interesting that the DNA of a child becomes mixed with the mother while it is growing. Which has nothing to do with this, but it came to mind that I had recently seen that genetic double recessive disease genes could be isolated in the blood of the parent.

Recessive genes are the source of change and without change , are we dead in some odd way like a statue of being that is perfect and changeless but completely ineffective.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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