Eugenic kindness

I can see that the best medicine is preventive medicine. It has already started and genes are being replaced. It leads to something that I have seen before. Hardly as precise, but the ruling class of the pharaohs. It is genetic eccentricity that is no different than any other god complex that develops from the odd shape of consciousness. What results is a ruling class of monsters that perpetuate themselves on the slaves that they breed for their skills and strength.

Ultimately the solution is to have genetically perfect children that have no antisocial traits like refusing orders from a superior.

It has been done before and doesn't work out well. It implies that the analytical choice made is better. The universe has a river that flows in many channels and who is to say that a particular stream is good or bad. I am indifferent to the consequence. It would certainly be a victim of the ravages of time. It definitely highlights the fact that people must go to the stars and be as weird as they will become. It is not possible to determine with any mind which is the path that leads to eternity row. Each is as well as the other when there is no complete understanding of that which exists. So there is pain and loss and fear and hunger and starvation and war. There needs to be a choice in order to be free. Like conservation of momentum, freedom of choice outside the constraint and control of another is absolutely necessary to a continuous existence. What choice does a genetically and intellectually manufactured person have? The consequence of ignoring the progress to genocide is deadly to all concerned. It destroys the destroyer as well as the victim. The greatest kindness would be to leave the room and let those who remain to play the game of death they must love in some strange way.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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