More things I already knew

Nature magazine has samples of their content on line and I always considered them the best advanced indicator of new science. An interesting connection is my analysis of vectors and ants 5-12-2009 and the new research.

So here is the main link for nature as there are some other very interesting things, some I already knew and others that will lead me to places that I never considered. Here is another that I had already experimented with, genetic NOR gates, but I did NAND, still the same in the large.

Like the ants, I devise a vector to the understanding I need and the completed research simply serves to certify my conjectures. In a way it is the same thing as the ants or bees. Some of the new stuff on stem cells fills in and clarifies some general conclusions that I had postulated some time ago. WASP-12b data is interesting as a point of interpolation.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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