Mathematics of existence

The best way to explain why the universe is infinite in time and space is a very simple fact about the nature of selection itself. The reason that there is no big 100 light year across sign that indicates the entrance to "Disney Galaxy" is that it is not a probability which can exist at that scale. The nth power of a probability which has a condition of life and death at its poles will be nothingness if there is any chance of the type two outcome. It is very simple math. It can be seen in every aspect of the universe. The balance of conservation of momentum, mass and energy is absolute and if it were not true, then one side or the other would eventually win out and there would be nothingness.

From my perspective it is obvious that more than 90% of all science is completely undiscovered. It would seem that electromagnetic, gravitational and strong and weak forces would cover what we observe and account for a generally consistent cause and effect across the entire range of possibilities. I know that this is not so. I am very much aware of many things that are provable and yet are not known or even suspected to exist.

There are some things that I casually discover and more often than not they seem to appear on the Internet as duplicate invention. A very interesting thing that I had discovered and not disclosed was the fact that it was possible to extract the three dimensional information from a video scene in order to compress it by many orders greater than current methods. It was Stanford ( 2 years ago and unknown to me previously ) LINK HERE ) that had devised a method and displayed the results. They were resolving the 3D of a scene and allowing video to be merged in such a way that ads could be placed in video scenes on a surface. It was well done and the merge was undetectable.

Also I was reading some Feynman on gravity and physical laws at scribd and here is a link. Interesting reading.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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