Anti-gravity and power

Throughout history major technological changes have shifted the centers of power. There is no great doubt that if the Drittes Reich had developed nuclear weapons in conjunction with the missile delivery system that they possessed that they would have been in a very different position. Power can take many forms and have origins in strange places. Technology is a power itself in some ways. Some cultures or nations are not conducive to the evolution of certain aspects. Certainly a good education system would precede the use of a complex system that required many technical people to maintain.

When a new method is discovered it is always interesting to consider if it could have been discovered and implemented in another time. Biological technology is one which leaves no long standing trace to be discovered in ruins. It is my opinion that anti-gravity could have been implemented by a culture like the ancient Egyptians. Much like the language and symbolics that they used, the science can be as foreign. Technology that derived from natural relationships would not exhibit the easily identifiable traces that exist with the industrial and mechanical society that exists today.

I am attempting to take a new approach to the written language of early history. The context in which it was presented would be instrumental in getting the complete meaning. Written language seems to act as a hint at the concept, rather than a complete precise description. The study is twofold, how to interpret it and how to develop ways of interpreting a language discovered from an alien culture. If I can develop a method which resolves coherently for animal, insect and human communication using sounds or actions or symbols or chemicals or posture, then perhaps I have a chance of deciphering some signal hidden in the noise of the universe.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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