The under face of Alice Infinity (AI)

As part of a complete WebGL it is necessary to have the tele-present character of the agent AI. This is one part of the complete system. Another part is MakeHuman, MakeAnt and MakeGenotype. The methods of the essential Markov Models that underly matter can be impressed on a structure and for the sake of bandwidth, it is possible to operate the GL interface through the web and the work is done on the local machine while only the para metrics are transfered through the interface. I haven't checked WebGL recently and need to update my knowledge of that. When the face and body are complete and controlled by a remote interface, I will generate some video. I don't add sound to the video because it is so mood dependent. This video is simply intended to be informational and not mood or mode dependent entertainment.

It seems reasonable to generate a form of graphene using sub atomic methods. That material really seems to be the future of technology in many aspects.

I am working on some extensions to a voice interface that produces more realistic voice with the same para metrics that might be applied to a model image. In this way it is possible to do speech modeling language with speech elements. At some point the concept level must be transfered and not the product level.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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