Torring and forking the Matfax

I am certain now that I can create a matter transmitter. It is based on my research and when it was first considered that a sequence of clicks on a telegraph key could transmit and be duplicated remotely, the ground was set. It has progressed to images, files , drawings, plans and now literal matter. It is actually very simple but requires a facsimile to be constructed as the template and this can come from DNA, information , data bases, MRI, PET, and I prefer a specific atom level tool which maps the atoms and their bonded relationships in space.

Laser etch, jet printing of cells on matrix, laser triggered bonding in 3D. They are precursor technology. It has become common to stream a video or move a 3D CAD of something like blender with no problem whatsoever. If you have the seed it grows any number of times. It is the logical extension of all things. Extension at the speed of light.

The internet may be a wild frontier of copied ideas and images, but consider what happens when it is possible to transmit and reconstruct a living being or money or weapons. If the internet is a vast complex problem, this adds to the basic issue. It takes identity theft to a new level. It is not cloning, but complete physical duplication at the speed of light. The net is a nightmare of complexity and how would it be possible to control or identify a person who is a duplicate?

I am absolutely certain it is possible and that I can do it, and I am also certain that it will lead to such odd consequences that people will dream of the good old days when their computer was infected with viruses and all that people sent by torrent was data and not people. If people are willing to spam to advantage, would they actually spam their own being as a weapon? It is too odd to contemplate and to valuable to not be implemented. IT should be researched and considered and it will not, any more than the internet, as it is intractable and infinite in its analysis.... I am ROFLMAO now as I thought of the future YouTube, where it really is YOU that is sent down the tubes and not a movie. Also sending a billion cans of spam as a distributed denial of existence attack. DDOE.

It has not an ounce of science fiction in its consideration. It can be done and it can be economically feasible. It isn't like a teleport, a person could have their atoms scattered into the ether and reassembled an unlimited number of places. It is what life is all about and is really the ultimate biological organism. It consumes matter and creates copies of itself without end for the sole purpose of creating more copies. And it all happens at the speed of light and as such it has a growth rate only dependent on the amount of matter. It is limited in the same way as Michaelis-Menten kinetics. A catalyst driven reaction that consumes based on the number of catalyst molecules. It isn't really funny, but it really is inevitable and the consequences are completely mind boggling to consider. If I can duplicate an author and have him write a book, who holds the copyright? If I can duplicate the patent office with all of its people intact, who has the authority to make a decision. Will they fight each other for the right of ascension to unique being? I can think of hundreds of cases where it creates paradoxical product and yet it can be done so it isn't really paradoxical except in its perception.

Magic becomes science again and it was odd enough to clone an organism in the lab, but this is quite something else as it clearly marks the barrier of existentialism and continuance. The only possible way to identify a dup would be with a many worlds quantum device. That is more difficult to make and I am not certain that it could be accomplished, but one never knows for sure what will be found on the way to infinity.

I was considering how odd it was to have zombie children process with ghosts in my computer, but this makes my head spin. It is so way more insidious than delivering source code to create a program. The code of the duplicator can be the first code applied. Forking being itself, so I could dup myself and do more software projects, but would I be able to get along with and cooperate with myself? I think this has an emergent and a strange attractor.

The biggest problem seems to be that there is a large excess or deficit of energy in various configurations. There needs to be an anti-product that comes with the conversion that either contains the energy or depletes energy and so it would have an energy cross-product of the material and its new state as well as the remainder which contains the energy difference of the original and new state. For every change a new remainder is created and this would be something like a closest stable logical Planck sum of the nuclear energies.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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