Anti-time Insects (AI) with anti-chaos flavoring

I was playing with Langston's ants in python and decided that I would create ants that acted in the opposite chirality along both dimensions. It created a situation that models life. The majority of ants are constructors and the rest are constructors in the alternate directions. As a result if the second type intersects the first, it proceeds to follow paths to the chaotic elements and consume them to be replaced with anti-chaos. The first type acts on the second in the same way and I suppose that it is just two directions of chaos and the fact that positive has some social significance seems to detract from the fact that they are the same in all aspects and it cannot be assumed that either is dominant or special. And so I also created a third type which was anti-time which goes backward. It seems to create structured and ever more complex patterns that are not random, but are patterns that evolve into continually new forms.

The odd thing is that they all create the same original pattern exactly, except that they destroy each other's chaotic behavior and ornament the patterns of others. I will have to try it in 3D. It is obvious that it has something to do with eigen vectors of the process in time. In a way it rotates in time and chaos. √chaos.

I will call it the Langston quantum entangled barier shield. It protects the contents from being disrupted by a MatFax.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
Auftrag der unendlichen LOL katzen