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The last post was about possibilities and this is about how to interpret data. LZW uses a method which has an expanding list that is self decoding. It is, in a way, something like the origin of language, if it was done on the first words heard and understood. Odd. My impression is that this has been suspected by others with access to raw data for some time now and somebody is still trying to figure it out. I would guess that it was first suspected about 1995 and the recent activities have been a diagonal approach to the issue , so as to not alarm anybody. I am alarmed now. Looks like a sailing ship off the shore with something strange and I personally don't think it will end well. Footfall.

The reason it probably won't end well is religion. The one fact about it that is the problem is that man is above all animals by virtue of being descended from God and so they can do what they will with anything else as it is just flotasam and jetsam that God put here for our entertainment. I was out in the ocean near the Caribbean watching the dolphins and it is so obvious that they are intelligent and social.

Many animals exhibit social behaviour and intelligence. It is easy for many people to consider even other humans as mere objects for some implausible reason.

In the case of FTL, an interesting example. This is not intended to be a typical or representative application, but rather a descriptive analogy. If an FTL ship left Alpha Centauri on a 1 hour trip to Earth, it would arrive 1 hour later, the light from its departure would travel at the speed of light and arrive shortly before it did, The light would travel always at the measured speed of light, and yet would arrive before something that took 1 hour to travel across 4 light years.

Einstein had many little anecdotes about how these things would happen, but they are circular or resolve in paradox. In the Einstein view, the travelling space ship would experience time distortion and observe time distortion which accounted for the spatial variations. In measurement it works just fine, like E=IR, but it is not the complete system that takes into account all variables.

It is not for this reason or some thought experiment that I am so sure of the outcome of such an experiment. It is actually in the structure of something we can measure that makes the hypothesis testable. The effects are evident in the very nature of the atom. The concepts are not that much more complex or confusing than dealing with matrix transforms in n-dimensional space. It is just a matter of developing the right algorithm to apply that produces the correct result. In this case the result has to match the observed action of the universe. I don't think it is really hard to use or understand. It is just that first hurdle that is tough. Unfamiliar terminology and methods. I would bet that somebody who never took matrix math would have a very odd idea about what an Identity matrix was,ℜeally.

The mixture of religion and politics seems to me to be a form of MiM ( man in the middle ) attack that is used when spoofing a network. If a politician or Pharaoh can convince somebody that they are somehow higher in the structure of relationship to a super being and the people reflect to the super being, it is an easy spoof. Completely illogical, but it does work. It isn't any surprise that it is used everywhere. I really see no difference between "God save the Queen" "In God We Trust" and "Praise Allah". It is the same MiM with a different DNS. People ultimately see an attack on the phony DNS as a personal attack. The mind is such a crappy piece of hardware for some applications.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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