The second order of light ( time in time )

I have considered the consequence of FTL and it seems a reasonable assumption that transverse gravity pulses would produce a specific effect that is measurable. It would not be simple and this is why I would rather have raw data from Hubble and NASA. It seems it would be observed in all absorption lines over a very short period of time. It could just be buried in the averaging over time of specific frequency response or not even considered at all. The paired variation of lines would add in direction to isolate the effect. The noise level of response might mask a change in one line, but the change in all in one direction might still be in the noise, but because it is joined with the other variances, would be significant data. To make a simple analogy, it would not be significant if some random person in a crowd moved within the noise level, but if all people moved in that same pattern for a complete cycle, it would constitute a significant variation from what would be expected statistically.

An interesting thing that I have been doing is to take vectors in 3 space and mapping them to colors in an image. With the tools that gimp provides, I can extract isoclines with the color select tool and even select in specific dimensions. I was not aware of a method to edit selection space, but in fact that is possible if the selection is saved as a mask and then selected itself. The set wise selection such as intersects, add, and exclusions allows more complexity and information to be extracted.

The net result is a means to analyze vector space in space as a pseudo 6 dimensional model. When I combine layers, I can merge many different dimensions of a problem in the same way that I might do a matrix multiplication. I can use the operators for levels like multiply, add, subtract, dodge, burn, and such to actually perform a matrix calculation with more methods than add and multiply. When combined with scripts, I can take a data set represented as an image and create a matrix solution to a complex problem of 2^millionth power dimensions.

I wonder if they have considered small scale in these measurements. This is actually from a class "Be" star.

The idea of cyclic changes is not new as this is actually from 1932. It does talk abut something that I never considered and it does make sense. The higher frequencies would be shifted less as the relationship E=hf shows that more energy is required to shift the higher wavelengths. I had not thought of that. It is then a non linear shift that would be observed. I am sure this specific observation is not related to an FTL event per se.

Rapid variations of narrow absorption line components in the spectrum of P Cygni
Cornelis de Jager
a SRON Laboratory for Space Research, Sorbonnelaan 2, 3584 CA, Utrecht, The Netherlands
b Instituto de Astrofisica de Canarias, Via Lactea s/n, E-38200, La Laguna, Tenerife, Spain
Received 26 November 2002;
Revised 16 January 2003;
accepted 20 January 2003
Communicated by K. Nomoto
Available online 6 March 2003.
We report the detection of rapid wavelength and intensity variations of narrow components in absorption line profiles of the hot galactic supergiant P Cygni. During most of the time, in 1 week of observations, there were two such components present. Although the period of observation is too short for firm conclusions, the velocity curves do not contradict the photometric period of 17.3 days. These curves may be interpreted as a double wave, ‘swinging in counterphase’. This observation would suggest the presence of one long wave over the stellar surface. The waves are possibly gravity waves with wavelengths of the order of half the stellar radius.

Short-period line profile and light variations in the Herbig Ae star V351 Orionis. There's lots of data available, but I would really like to see the raw data as everything has more patterns than would be expected at first glance.

Harvard has some NASA data that covers the subject, but is focused at longer time domains. I am not an astrophysicist and so this is quite a surprise to me that there is so much data and on top of that, it serves to verify my impression of how light is distorted in all lines, and I actually would have missed the fact that line shifts would vary on energy, even though that is an obvious relationship that I should have caught immediately.

The discovery of millisecond oscillations in the persistent emission and also in thermonuclear X-ray bursts from neutron star low-mass X-ray binaries (LMXBs) has opened a new window on the dynamics of accreting neutron stars (Strohmayer et al. 1996). The timescales of the millisecond quasiperiodic oscillations found in the persistent emission (hereafter kHz QPOs) match those expected from accretion dynamics very close to the

Obviously this type of measurement is common knowledge to an astrophysicist. ( I mean the variation issue, not the alien thing, but one has to wonder if somebody already knows.)

And from wikipedia, something that may correlate from another area. GRB

* GRBs occur randomly on the sky
* From the Earth, we could see about one per day if we were able to watch the entire sky all of the time
* There are two classes of GRB: those that last less than about 2 seconds, and those that last longer than about 2 seconds
* The long bursts occur at cosmological distances; while distances of the short bursts have not been measured
* Given the distance of the long bursts, they must put out about 1053 ergs of energy (if they emit energy equally in all directions)

It really could not be this easy, I think, but then it does make sense if there is life everywhere and they eventually are able to implement FTL. It is actually a bit scary to me as this could mean that we are not just not alone, but just ignorant and surrounded by civilization that is vastly more advanced. I am going to do some more calculation and determine the exact signature that would arise from the ignition and deceleration of an FTL drive. I am going to then take the signature and direction to plot the paths of the objects that would be transported using blender. I assume that would give me a map of the roads. This is purely speculation, but as I investigate more it becomes even more likely that I am completely correct. This could be the smoking gun that proves the existence of ET. Considering some comments by Stephen Hawking and others recently, it may actually be something that has already been done and that the satellites that are out to do 3D of the sun are in fact double purposed to get parallax on GRB and gravity waves. This is very likely from my estimation and with the deeper understanding of inertial cancelling and relationship of gravity to EM. Wow that is definitely odd, if it proves true. Here is a link to what I suppose is the real SETI. (LISA) from NASA. Meet the new neighbors from across the infinity road...... Gravity waves would also be the signal method of choice IMHO and it would seem that also Von-Neumann probes would be a real possibility. I actually should have seen this before, but I had not expected FTL to be possible, because of the dangers, but it looks less impossible and definitely would be the only way to get from star to star in some real time frame. I feel like an Indian seeing the Iron Horse for the first time. Perhaps Hawking does know something we have missed. You really can't expect them to have any more respect for life than we do. Its too late to rewrite history, the past is written in the blood of the innocent and weak.

Something is definitely up.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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