I spoke about methods that influence the object which is implementing a method. Ohio was passing a law to ban human animal hybrids. Other than the fact that humans are animals, it is even more bizarre than that. The DoD has a project to put the genes from various animals including ground squirrels in humans and MIT has a project that has already happened AFAIK to put human brains in a rat. Gene doping is common now. I don't know what they are going to do though. If you ban the cross of a vulture , weasel, human, and jackal, then there will be no more politicians.

For the sake of argument, if I created a super intelligent elephant that had a human like brain and an opposable thumb double trunk and voice box, I assume I would be imprisoned and then what would they do with the elephunk?

Also I noticed this at Sandia labs about Z, but this is another Z altogether. All I can say is XXXXX XXXX , don't let the nanomachines get in there. It is a strange world and the six degrees of separation can come in many dimensions.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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