Black Hole thermodynamics

\bigg( \frac{1-\frac{1}{n}} {1-\frac{1}{m}}\bigg) ^{ t\dot T^\circ}

It seems that in order to understand what would come out of a black hole on a collision or the absorption of a star, it would be necessary to understand the thermodynamics of a complex system. Internal combustion, refrigeration, aerodynamics, weather, waves, momentum, and how these things interact in time. The equations which deal with systems stand as approximations of behavior, but ignore the underlying mechanisms. In the case of a gas system under pressure, I can identify three underlying systems that contribute to produce the gross aspects of waves, pressure, phase change, and a host of other observable effects.

For the sake of convenience and expediency the characterization is woefully incomplete and lacks coherence.

A black hole would not be some homogeneous matter fluid. Pressure and degree of freedom would be widely variant and considering that the smallest black hole is about the mass of three suns and 5km across, there would be plenty of opportunity for many different forms of matter in that space. In general, I feel that it is part of a stable system of energy and state transition which has been going on forever.

I saw some information that the accretion disk about a black hole can rotate against the rotation of the black hole. I suspect this is due to gravitational magnetism. It would only be seen at relativistic velocities and under normal circumstance is an effect that is 10-14 less than gravity. There seems to be a state that would exist where the black hole would wobble and if it wobbled fast enough ( while rotating ), it would create something that I have never seen mentioned before. It would be an object composed of light essential, bound in a dependent state to the black hole. The effect of Gravitational magnetism is a vector against the direction of travel on an object traveling inward orthogonal and with the direction of acceleration on any mass.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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