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It is obvious that if two black holes collide, gravity becomes 0 at the intersection and the velocity of the material would be high and that the release of the constraints would spread material from inside the black holes , and I wonder what form that matter would take?

The image originated in blender as an iso-sphere and a cylinder.

It is a mater of mass per unit volume and I can see what LHC is attempting, but there are many easier ways to manipulate that. It is strange that I never considered that many of the things we cannot measure influence matter in many unusual ways. Things which happen at frequencies above and below our measurement and forces for which no tool exists to measure the effect. Gravity is one of those things which is easily measured and observed in the large, but is virtually invisible in subtle variation.

Recently infrared was used to peer deeper into the universe and it would seem that the absolute limit of observation could be tested with a device that traveled at relativistic velocities with a sensor, and then would shift even lower frequencies to the visible or IR.

Since that is not likely in the near future, perhaps there is a naturally occurring situation which would serve the same purpose. It seems that there are x-ray emission/absorption lines. It would also seem that x-ray emissions from stars at a very great distance would be shifted far enough to be observable in the UV, visible and then IR. It seems that it would be necessary to be somewhat lucky to find a good source. It would require scanning space that was empty all the way through where IR can scan and then look in the holes while blocking the nearer sources. With x-rays from stars at 1 nanometer, Lyman α at about 100 nanometers, and IR at 100 times that. It would seem that a red shift z factor could be found that indicated objects from a further distance. It would require a bit of thought to cast that rune.

I have some good ideas for a gravity wave detector that I could implement without having a billion dollars. When you don't have a few billion dollars to spare, and 5 years to wait, you make do. Necessity is the precursor to invention. Or perhaps just desire precedes action.

Here is more spectra related stuff in x-ray. 1. Neutron stars - 2. Distance measurement techniques 3. Some alternate hypotheses and interesting puzzles.

The conflict in reasoning a cause leads me to Open Thought thinkware. If you take raw data and include the interpretation of the data as a software, then it can be interpreted in many ways. The advantage of this is to exclude personal bias, which has in many cases obscured new knowledge. I can see data that could support many different interpretations and have several explanations within the same set of given data. That means that I should have a combination of data and method which can be mixed and matched to create a set which has measurable consequence. Until there is a consequence that can be determined with repeatability, it is simply the argument of infinitesimals.

Due to the vast quantity of information and the great number of possible interpretations, it seems wise to incorporate an automatic method from data and simply create a library of functions that act on similar objects. By ordering and selecting functions it is possible to create different scenarios and the ultimate validity is determined by its coherence. I have seen this in solved game analysis and there is no question of validity when all the vector solutions are aligned. It is no more or less than three vectors in space with an origin defining an intersection point in ℜ3. The concept of matrix combines method with form. It is just different form and methods.

By assuming that the universe is coherent in the data should be a simple task if all the parameters are computable, which is given. The method can easily be described and the computation of z and its relationship to V is a simple procedure. It is no more difficult to take any data set and analyze it in context to determine its consistency to a complete model. It seems the inclusion of Dark Matter as an amorphous undefined concept increases the potential for ambiguity in the overall process.

I will make a program that allows me to take some sample data and then arrange it to produce a conclusion based on method, which produces the null space alternates if such exist. The amount of data and the number of methods makes it less likely that it can be resolved without a standard interpretation tool. It is much like focus, when the different aspects come into agreement, it is obvious what is taking place and it is easier to see fine structure. There is too much data to make a valid personal decision about coherence.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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