Mystery of the ages

Using only an unmarked straightedge and a compass, Greek mathematicians found means to divide a line into an arbitrary set of equal segments, to draw parallel lines, to bisect angles, to construct many polygons, and to construct squares of equal or twice the area of a given polygon.
Three problems proved elusive, specifically:
***** Trisecting the angle,
    * Doubling the cube, and
    * Squaring the circle

I just did this a couple posts ago and it is a no brainer. It is all done with a single straight edge. Wiki says that it has been elusive for 2,000 years. I must really be missing something. I wouldn't try squaring a circle as π is transcendental and known to be so. I thought I had seen trisecting an angle was difficult in passing somewhere. I am reasonably sure I have a way to untangle sqrt(-1) now and I understand why it arises and what it implies.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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