Fractal manifolds and the gasket of life

The universe can be characterized on many different scales and with many different measures. Naturally occurring structures can be categorized by their properties. The mixing of a set of random elements with some simple rules can result in some complex structures, but the product always remains in that set.
Life might be characterized by its ability to control energy. A plant takes the energy of the sun and forms it to become itself. I have said that the easiest way to characterize life is by its most simple attractors and as such it is a manifold of sorts that exists in the universal manifold. Like a Julia set or Mandelbrot, the rules at play define the space that results. It has very specific recognizable properties which define that space. Energy must be captured , sequestered and then applied counter to entropy for continuance. It is a continuum and intersects with other spaces, of course, and the boundary conditions can be hardest to identify. What happens to space and the universe when energy is captured sequestered and then applied to structure? It would seem that a measure space could be devised which is a scale like temperature that indicates the degree which energy is confined ( over time ) and thus have a scale which can be applied to the data to determine its fitness to the premise.
Specific energy processes result in certain modes that cannot exist without a complex structure. There is a mode that exists in matter which is the platform for life and it would seem that it could only be utilized by a complex process. The largest observable energy mode in the universe is the star and the radiation from a star. It follows that since life cannot form on the star it must form some distance away. It then must have a method which takes the light from the star to serve as the first energy "food".
It could be assumed from this that this is the lowest scale of measure and would be a very small fraction of all energy. It would be a factor of about one part in 10 billion variation from the random norm. I would think that this would show up in the gross analysis of data. I can walk in the park and since it is green, I know that the light curve is skewed. This is all I am saying. The energy curve of the universe should be skewed from random by some factor and this defines the amount of life. How green or perhaps grue and bleen is the universe?
So what is the color temperature of the universe as a whole? I would bet that Hubble could see that without the rose colored glasses that need to be worn by Earth bound telescopes. One part in some billions is actually not that bad considering the amount of data and an FPU double-double, "toil and trouble" sun's fire burns, and the cauldron bubbles. I suppose it is a "long long " instead of "double double" but since I am quoting Macbeth I will take some computer literary license for effect. Yes, we know it well, but it is the name and number that escapes us.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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