Eigenvectors infinite recursion

I was using the file below and I thought I would name it appropriately as "plot.m". At first glance that would seem to be okay. Internal to octave is the ability to run files as functions if they have the ".m" extension. Perhaps you see where this is headed. Since I have created a file named "plot.m" then I run the command :

octave plot.m

In the program is the command "plot". Apparently the ".m" files take precedence over built-in functions and as a result, BOOM! ( or Bohm ), infinite recursion until all file handles are consumed. Circular dependency. So I renamed it "aplot.m" and all is right with the world. It was certainly a WTF moment. I was doing this as a stage to plot some eigenvector relationships, and I was doing it in stages as this always happens. If I write a 300 page program and then debug it, it is like fighting a fire hose.

clear x = linspace(0,10*pi,100); y = sin(x); clf; plot(x,y); pause; plot(x,y,'ro'); pause;

And finally a very confusing graph of some Eigen sub-space.

When we see the particle detectors flash or hear the click of a Geiger counter then Everett's theory interprets this as our wavefunction responding to changes in the detector's wavefunction, which is responding in turn to the passage of another wavefunction (which we think of as a "particle", but is actually just another wave-packet). No particle (in the Bohm sense of having a defined position and velocity) exists, according to that theory. For this reason Everett sometimes referred to his approach as the "pure wave theory".

The above quote is about an interpretation of particles and waves. I have said there is no such thing as a photon, and each thing is infinite. Essentially, Bohm is stating exactly the same thing in a different way. It goes beyond that as there is a deeper understanding to be had. It is my way to add complexity to a problem to make it simpler. If all the variables are not present then it is necessary to expand the NULL space to accommodate the complexity and then fill in that space with the possible solutions.

I already found that underlying relationship and so it is very simple to constrict the matrix to model these sub sets. I can even see why it is so confusing to others. It is dependent on variables that are not in the equation. Some of these are physically hidden effects and some are purely logical.


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Automated Intelligence
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