Content extensions with html, css, and image maps

I happened on a neat tool that allows the creation of image maps for html. I was looking for a CSS that created tables,  but got to kimagemapeditor. I know that gimp allows image mapping and I never tested it. I will see what difference there is and I guess gimp will be easier to use. It suggests that it is integrated into Quanta plus. In the case of graphs and equations, I can use javascript to give details of specific aspects of elements or animations that better explain 3D operation.

It turns out to be very easy to use and the one problem I encountered is that "usemap" had to be set to the name of the map with a # before it. Not completely obvious unless you know image mapping HTML

The moon engine is one that I wanted to expand to show the thermodynamic operations and specifications of energy based on a heat cycle with various gases. It is really nothing more than a weather machine and on the Earth it generates randomness in the Earth's atmosphere in the form of storms.

<map name="moon"> <area shape="circle" title="Moon Engine" coords="142,143,120" /> </map>


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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