Between the dimensions of perception and understanding

Metaphysical concepts are not my favorite , possibly because I am a bit schizophrenic. There is a place where metaphysical becomes physical and computable. I suppose that the relationship of two objects has no real physicality in any sense, but it does exist as a concept which stems from that which is real and so I suppose it is as real as the basis that creates it.
The equation of the caves of logic that I create have some edges where dimensions meet and overlap. I suppose it is somewhat like the fact that ex is continuously differentiable.

It makes for some odd relationships and things like a Klein bottle pale in comparison to the complexity and strangeness of the intersect of concepts like vector space, decision space, directed n-space graphs and dimensions without name or definition that arise from open ended states. The dimension of chaos and confusion that is the bridge between observation, measure and understanding. It is one of my favorite places to leave and I hope I never get stuck there.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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