Quantum Untanglement

There is a big difference between viewing everything in the universe as infinite and as an isolated set of points. Each thing influences every other thing in the universe and if an electron were conscious, it would have complete knowledge of the universe with respect to its "product" at that point solution. When a magnetic field is formed, it is already under the influence of the fields of those things at a distance. It is not a matter of acting with some instantaneous effect, the product is a foregone conclusion at its inception. I am sure knowing is not a universal force and instantly knowing the state of the other side of the see saw is not a big surprise. In order to measure, it requires that the instrument is in place, before the measurement.

The bear in the woods does not appear "in medias res", not matter how well concealed.

Temporal relativity is all well and good , as far as it goes, but there is a second half to that story that completes the parity of the universe. If we could ignore the effect of that which is not present it would be a big surprise when we jump in the air and do not drift into the heavens.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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