Distant and relative

I understand the paradoxical choice they made and this is where all the problems arise throughout physics. It is assumed by elimination, then choices are made and when the alternates are not on the table, insane and paradoxical conclusions are drawn. There is a reason that few people understand relativistic physics, because it requires an acceptance of a madness of paradox. There is a solution which is not paradoxical and though it may be more difficult to accept, a solution which is not paradoxical is my choice. I have a difficult time accepting or even considering some alternatives, but when it is coherent, it is obvious and saddens me that it takes so long to resolve. I think now that I should have gotten this long ago. I always wonder if it is misdirection, but that cannot be. It is a misunderstanding of monumental proportion.

I can now make a complete translation of what is now "classic" physics from my perspective. "Classical" includes uncertainty and relativity. The universe is so much more complex and vastly more understandable to me now. Now I must apply it for proof. I get a headache thinking about all the times I have approached this problem or discussed it with physicists. I can be absolutely certain there is no such thing as a photon.

I am reading this book at Google books on general and special relativity, today and browsing the Library of Congress. The book has the classic train of time and though a person cannot deny measurement or experience as invalid, the way in which things are characterised , modelled or defined is where I would have to disagree. A purely mathematical treatment is not a theory, IMHO. It is simply the method to calculate and does not really go deeper into the underlying derivation or meaning.

As examples it is much easier to model the system in blender and use the play function to help in visualisation and even matrix transforms. I can do the same with my OpenGL program. The second image is a gimp of 2 objects with dimensions of one in space and one in time on a 2d, which is more confusing than just talking about it.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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