Graphs and dimensions

This is from a program called graphthing which is available from the debian repositories. The specific graph is bipartite and is one that I wanted to analyze as it cannot be represented in 2d without a line crossing and I had satisfied my curiosity in my imagination , but I wanted to be sure that it was the same in simulation.

I discovered an interesting way of looking at things that involves sets and the character of sets.

The drawing left was done with Inkscape and took about 2 minutes. It represents a circuit to be modelled as an example using a matrix.

When used with E=IR it can be solved. That equation is a resolution of Maxwell's equations to an approximation of effect. It also combines the efforts of Gauss. I wonder if he knew that there is a magnetic field constant with that same name. Quite a coincidence.


This sequence above represents 22 as combinations and not dimensions. Also I am studying graphs with matrix manipulation and there is a correlation, as there is with transforms. The combinations of possibilities is AP and so it is obvious that if you reassign as sets or lists that certain properties are exposed. It has something to do with Lie ( pronounced LEE, if you are English ) groups, and that is a person's name.

It does help to know these methods in the same way that knowing all aspects of the tools and plug-ins of gimp allows them to be recombined to create a new result or replicate the methods that another applies.

I am re-doing matrix math this year again and though I can use it, every time I go over it, I see a new relationship with another field or program. It is a rerun with the purpose of making the connection from A to B that could not be made where B did not yet exist. It is a lot easier as the concepts are so familiar now. Terminology can be like learning another language. It gives pause when operators are overloaded. Ax=b and U, L, NULL, S, I, I-, T, .... It is all vectors and matrices so the letters mean various things as shorthand, like Singular, Upper-triangle, Identity ...

I could mean Identity and that can give a person pause until the context is resolved. Oh well, "je ne sais pas". Is that like IDK , which would be JNSP in French? Of course this whole thing can be interpreted in two ways.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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