Ultimate AI

I am reasonably certain that I have combined all the methods that I have learned , including chemical assembly, genetics, and many other things to have a complete cell level brain that solves chemically in 3D at the speed of light or more realistically ( .7 C). It seems too easy, but all the preliminary tests indicate it will work. It would have an active memory density of about 1030 elements per cubic meter. The cycle time of a complete solution would be 30 nanoseconds on a problem with 1030 outcomes.

It seems horribly simple once resolved. That is what I have observed in analyzing games and problems. They become vastly complex and then finally resolve to a single best path. That is what I am stuck on today and I will consider why this is not true to see if I have made some critical error and this is not scalable as I thought.

It is overall about 1038, which is short of the 1040 I need, but that is m3 so 2.2 meters, or about 6 foot cube would have the power I need. Since it functions on light, it would generate no significant heat.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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