Physics and trees

By making a decision tree of choices like tired light, expansion, relativistic effect, neutrino mass etc, it makes it more clear why they have chosen the wrong path. Like watching someone from a hill, I can see them wandering about the maze and coming to a place where they should open a door, hesitate and leave because some decision has been made for what reasons I do not know. Do they not recognize it as a door?

The issue is that it is a fairly simple process once it is a solved game, but before that it seems horribly convolute and disturbing. What makes it worse is that though I am fairly sure they are not evil in their intent, they force a template of reasoning on those they teach. It is no different than religious induction as it causes certain paths to be established in the brain and specific ways of interpreting. By excluding certain possibilities or simply saying that at crossroad X you can go left or right and we went left and it is a dead end. So it makes sense that right is the only choice. Now if right becomes a dead end after many turns it requires going back and back to find out where the turn is wrong. If the path at X is not obvious without some leap of understanding then they will retrace over and over and fail to reach the goal.

The example that always comes to my mind is a Physics teacher in my college days. It was obvious to me that it is possible to detect the position of an atom and yet my Physics professor said that I would be failed if I uttered that opinion again. Many things were obvious to me then and now electron microscopes and atomic force scopes are common and accepted. That was 1966, which was only 44 years ago. It continues and if you wish to communicate and work in that field you must not rock the boat. It is a bad boat and it is sinking anyway so I will rock it some more.

So they can't see a specific thing which is obvious to me and up until 7 years ago it was the case with me. I looked at the data and experiments and methods and found myself constantly confronting the need to accept paradox. I can't do that, it is not in my nature. So eventually I found the key to the hidden door and now it is more and more a solved game. They may never solve this one. I expect duplicate invention, but this is perhaps like ripping the entire computer to shreds and redesigning it. I am not sure that they can do this in their neural array. I maintain a fluid interpretation of everything and I adapt and never stop doubting, even myself most of all.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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