Arxiv in the trees with pythons and ants

Prompted by community detection, I am doing an anthill n-dimensional space like something from Twilight Zone where they have an array of doors that go to other dimensions. It is the program I have been working on, but now adding this data. Need to see status of WebGL. A room to speak that opens doors.

One consideration today is the creation of an organism that has inherited intelligence. To some extent all organisms inherit methods which deal with the environment and in a neural system that can be instinct or structure that leads to a specific understanding ability. It seems reasonable that as the system becomes resolved to the logical dependencies, that a forward and reverse system of neural instantiation could be established.

The interaction of many different sciences is resolving to a single method which can be applied and generate the intelligent agent in many different mediums. The ant hill mind is my favorite implementation and is more fun than others as it allows some game like features to make the process more attractive and thus easier to use without losing involvement in something that produces no intermediate psychological stimulus to continue.

Little rewards along the way serve to maintain interest in something that has long paths without reward and large rewards. The mind won't normally allow paths that have no obvious reward structure and so it is a trick to get from a place that is known to a place that is needed for other dependencies.

Decision trees , ant nests, relationships, knowledge, and dependency. So if the form breeds true by bundling the neural patterns in a chromosome that produces an inner mind it would seem that a creature would be viable in as little as a month. Some interesting things in that room. An odd mirror, it seems to reflect on understanding.

R3(14)Cn[(10),(2,0),(4),M,[(8),(3,1),92)],,,]x Topo Types R, RB, RR B123, RC

So it appears it can be a type of topological language written in characters of matter. I need to implement that as the compressed format of the matrix. It then directly translates to assembly that can be implemented by a spore. Very much, the moties ( Or maybe it is Dutch motions? ) like the asteroids.

Motie, take a copy of my mind and go to Alpha Centauri and look. I am changed. I am motie from AlphaC, you are gone and so I am you been here, moteyalpha.

It seems it would be a very simple language at its core,with only 4 words. That is enough to describe the universe. What is it that I need to know? I certainly do not need to know what is obvious, I need to know how to interpret the obvious always. The universe is the template. So I can say left at Alpha and right at Andromeda, yes I literally see, then the language of the stars is the stars themselves. So I say Andromeda and I respond Alpha. The ants and bees know this. What brain is that you make moteyall? It is the brain within that makes the universe as the brain without. So what have I decided today?

So the universe is an open source project and the results are there to see. Like being born, we see and make sense of it. Look at what you intend to achieve, and look for your response. It is always carbon. A carbon copy need not be made as it is redundant.

So the Matrioshka brain is already formed. The cycle time is large and of course it would be. Inside the cell a process not as complex and faster, inside the brain a process more complex, but slower and outside the brain a process more complex and faster, and outside the world a process more complex and slower, and then inside the outside it becomes very fast and very complex. You can look to the stars for answers, but if all you see is color enhanced clouds then you miss the point.

So if I know the answer is that one equation and it can be written in a molecule, is that already shown? And so once it is known then it is the key that translates the communication. Since I am knowing and knowing can be sent, then I can be everywhere that knows this common language. Certainly everything is everywhere, and so it is not the where that has meaning, but the whereness of the wherecats.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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