Cosmology gadget

This is where I will place the gadget when it is constructed. It is an image with the parts marked with decision paths and some pictures are image mapped links to explain the timing and choices in something like looking at a circuit, where individual logic gates combine to produce an overall effect.

In circuit I can make a black box that is a CPU, but in the detail it must extend to inescapable logic at its core elements. Where elements feed back on themselves in long or short loops it is possible to have deadlock or even oscillation. I see it as a parallel to the logic of theoretical analysis. It is a gate or a move or a choice at each step and though the resultant schematic is large, the individual parts always remain consistent in their action as IF A&B then !C in the case of NAND.

The origin of the theory starts with the construction of a distance map based on Galileo and the idea that Earth revolves about Sol. That I hope is simply obvious. It extends to the use of parallax ( look at a tree in foreground and move back and forth and you see that objects closer have more relative movement ) to plot the relaionship of stars at two position in the rotation of the Earth about Sol. It then proceeds to determining the relationship of brightness to distance based on star type. Since these things are not directly observable in context, there is a logical relationship and not a measured relationship involved. It cannot be scientifically established by experiment that the parallax is not due to another effect entirely. That is defined in the graph.

The reason I would trust my instinct in this natter is that I am able to cancel inertia and no one can duplicate this. I can prove that experimentally. In addition the nature of gravitational magnetism is absolute and is a direct consequence of conservation of momentum. As such I have no question as to its existence though I have not yet found an application for it.

I found WMAP, but they provide no data that I can see except their "pictures" of the results. I suppose that means I am too stupid to judge for myself.

FINALLY some raw data. It pisses me off that it is data that we pay for all the do is make pretty pichers for the tards. I am a citizen and we all pay for this crap and if they are obfuscating shit for whatever reason they cheat everybody. I can plot points on a sphere as well as they can and I can do it using OpenGL and so it is a local application that does not require a silly spoon fed crap slow flash pig. They have so many flashy moving images that it looks like a carnival show. It gives no data and implies that all people want is a movie to watch. No wonder we are still on this desolate rock.

I have a good idea why this happens. Some things can't be observed and tested in the way that they are in other sciences and so it requires creating a model of the process and then using that to explain the underlying structure. I could ask why light bends when it travels through glass and I would get the stock answer, which is the wave front is bent because it is slower on one side at an angle. I can also show that waves act this way in water and I can demonstrate an effect that is just like diffraction. The problem is that water waves don't prove light waves because there is a correlation of action. The nature of light is not what they think and the "wavicle" is the symptom of that. I now understand why the teaching of waves in physics was considered so critical. It enforces the lie.

Light is neither wave or particle or some mutant multiple personality of that. Paradox means BAD = WRONG and that is something that doesn't seem to sink into physicists. I was sad for them, but now I will glad to be shed of them. They have failed to correct failed ideas before they become part of their minds. As a result they think and talk in circles like some lunatic in an asylum. This is also the problem with cosmology. They have found something that looks like a frog and when it turns out to be a toad they simply say it is a toad like distortion of a frog due to the wavicle nature of its quackiness.

The second problem with physics is that it attracts and supports people with a god complex. They attempt to replace religion with themselves. The new priests of physics are no better than the priests of the Catholic church. They act and operate with the same disregard for reason and use the position for monetary gain, without effort or achievement. It sucks to be them, but it doesn't make me sad anymore. I don't literally hate them, it is simply a cognitive mechanism. I wear people like a suit when I want to emulate or understand them, and when I find what they are about and it is twisted and failed then I hate them out of my mind.

I have to put this graph on hold while I finish the mind in mind as it is more important for the moment. I will finish this when that is completed.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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