Brains in Brains

This is the second problem I am resolving. It is the reasonable assumption that Amoebas were the prototypical early animal and developed a brain in the cell. Due to limitations of measurement and tools it was not possible to look deeply enough to see how that is achieved. It follows logically ( to me ) that this explains how a human brain can be so complex and strange. It acts like a Beowulf cluster of trillions of computers that can move about in their connections, somewhat like Internet routing and BGP.

It is consistent and explains something that I find impossible. The genotype to phenotype expression of instinct, reflex and other aspects of intelligence cannot be explained in the gross anatomical structure of the organism. The "gate" chemical logic of a neuron cannot be configured to have the type of intelligence exhibited by even the dullest of people. It also solves the issue of short term memory and the construction of scenarios that become instantiated in the cell and then the cell actually acts to create an image of itself in the large. This accounts for the rough consideration which happens at a chemical computer level and then the expansion to cover more complexity.

It also explains why people can develop some very bizarre concepts which become instantiated in their minds. On first inspection, in the cell, requires some time to be expanded and tested and as such could be falsified. Failure to falsify concepts that were considered by limited analysis leads to any number of bad paths. It also allows the construction of communicated scenarios that seem to make "sense" in the moment, but later are discovered to be falsifiable. Human engineering. It is some scary stuff and I need to make my AI help me with this weakness.

In the case of the ant we have a really interesting and bizarre situation, should this be confirmed. A brain in the cell that combines to be a brain in the ant which is part of a free roaming society that acts as the cloned brain structure of the queen, which acts in the context of multiple interacting colonies to be a global super brain. The only other system like that is: cell brain to human brain to internet.

This does seem reasonable to me after several days of analysis and extension with attempts to falsify the concept. I will expand on the concept and attempt to diagram the various aspects of how a cell processes a concept and then instantiates that in the neural matrix. It has implications in psychology and neural science and it seems that this is one of those places where somebody looked in the darkness of possibility and failed to image what strange structure could hide in the deeps of even something as small as a cell. 10 microns across is 1015 cubic angstroms and a lot of strange things can go on in such a complex space. That is not even to mention that there is structure well below an angstrom in matter that could potentially contain some new revelation.

This is perhaps the perfect April Fools Day post as it represents the logic behind the fact that concepts can seem reasonable on first inspection, but if a person fails be skeptical of every thing they encounter, it allows the acceptance of concepts as bizarre as religion and cults.

I see slashdot is in "party" mode and LHC ( Actually the large HARDON collider ) has discovered the devil particle. Be skeptical of all things on all days is my motto. ( Even if I think them up )

I do believe the internal cell brain hypothesis could be tested with a sufficiently small creature and NMR. If over a period of days, a specific cell expanded to a specific structure in response to a stimulus, Then if that were repeated with several ants, as their structure is well known. [ See Fly Brain project and others ] I do think that it would be worth funding if some grad student is looking for something to do for a thesis.

It explains why after NMR structure of the fly brain was completed, it did not end up with a way to duplicate the system in neural arrays.

This concept seems to be correct after some analysis. It would imply that the ability to be "intelligent" or IQ could be measured in the cell itself and not the brain in the large. The complexity of cellular brain determines how it will expand in association and thus many people can reason more complexly in their initial analysis. So it seems that intelligence could be "gene doped". That is a scary thought itself. It seems to imply that some cases of mental retardation could be solved with gene doping. This also explains why some neurological disorders are so difficult to diagnose.

If this isn't odd enough, I think that it is possible that this was done on purpose and comes from something even deeper. Now I have to wonder why? This explains and provides a mechanism for so many different unusual effects that I find it hard to deny. It doesn't explain everything but it does allow a framework that makes it possible to understand how these things operate in a brain. I need to take this information back to the cell and see what these threads of thought are composed of.

Consider the strangeness of a stem cell that thinks and knows how to deal with a situation. I may not have to make a mitochondrial OS after all, I may just need to be able to gene dope a change to the built in microcoded brain.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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